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Cleaning made easy

Easy & effective pool cleaning



It's no fun and no joke when your pool starts looking murky. An unclean pool can pose serious health issues to someone who takes a dip.  Regular cleaning is a necessity for the floor and walls of your pool that are prone to dirt and algae.


Manual cleaning can be monotonous and time consuming. This is where automatic cleaning robots are cost and time effective.  Electric powered robotic cleaners can make life simple by removing the inconvenience of fiddling with suction cleaners, hoses and adjusting valves on your filter.

Robotic cleaners

The traditional pressure-side or suction cleaners can be boring and troublesome. The automatic robotic cleaners help to keep the pool clean in a fast, smart and effective way.

So, what is an automatic pool cleaner or “Robot”? A Robot is essentially a vacuum cleaner used to collect all the dirt and debris for you with minimum fuss. It even scrubs the pool walls & waterline to remove any scum lines that appear over time. All robots require a power source located near your garden and they have their own internal motor to drive the cleaner around the pool, but they are safe as they run on low voltage power. It maps the pool dimensions and calculates the optimum route to navigate its way around all parts of the pool automatically. Thereby cutting down the manual labour required to clean your pool.

The robotic cleaners are safe and effective. All  you have to do is drop the cleaner into the pool.

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Cyclone pool cleaners

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Our Cyclone robots are designed to clean pools of all sizes and surfaces. Thanks to the patented AquaSmart Gyro System, the Cyclone will automatically brush, vacuum and micro-filter dirt, debris and contaminants from the pool’s floor, walls and waterline. Our Cyclone cleaners are available in a standard (X2) and WiFi version (X4) which can also be controlled by an app on your mobile phone or tablet. So you can sit back and relax and let our Cyclone pool cleaner get the job done. 

Manual cleaning accessories

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Besides the robotic cleaners, PSM also offers you a variety in manual cleaning accessories to enable you to clean your pool effectively manually.

So for those who find attending their own pool a relaxing past time, PSM can provide you with everything that you need.

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